Day 2: It Starts With Me

‘Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind.’ Psalm 26:2 Over the past few months, the Lord has reminded me of the importance of quieting myself before Him and asking Him to search my heart. It is scary because it puts me face to face with my sin and my […]

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Day 1: A God Who Pursues

Yesterday, we launched our 21 day fast. Check it out and pray about joining us. Some of you won’t be led to fast but you’ll be led to pray for those fasting…that is needed! This is not about who has the most ‘radical fast’, this is about a group of Jesus followers coming together to […]

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#21DayFast Q & A

Today, we launched a 21 day fast that will end on October 15th at 5pm. More information is below. Why a 21 day fast? The short answer is because God said so. While that doesn’t need much more explanation, I will say that I think fasting has become the ‘lost spiritual discipline’ of my generation. It’s […]

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TODAY at 5pm, I am launching a 21 day fast campaign (fast ends on October 15th at 5pm) (similar to what William Murphy‘s church is doing right now): The fast will focus on these things: 1) Personal intimacy with God 2) Prayer for those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder or depression as the weather changes […]

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