#21DayFast Q & A

Today, we launched a 21 day fast that will end on October 15th at 5pm. More information is below.

Why a 21 day fast?

The short answer is because God said so. While that doesn’t need much more explanation, I will say that I think fasting has become the ‘lost spiritual discipline’ of my generation. It’s easy for us to feel entitled or arrogant because of how influential culture has become in our thinking.

What is the purpose of fasting?

To abstain from something with the intent of seeking God. It’s all about denying our flesh and chasing after God.

What should I fast from?

Ask the Lord to reveal to you what it is you need to fast from. Some examples are: meat, coffee, sweets, social media, etc.

Why a group fast? Doesn’t Matthew 6 talk about fasting in secret?

Yes. Matthew 6 encourages us to not flaunt our fasting in front of others. However, the purpose of the group dynamic here is for encouragement and a shared journey. We are all fasting from different things and have different things we will be focusing on. This is not about how dramatic your fast can be but about what happens when a group of people decided to come together for the intentional pursuit of Jesus!

What are our prayer focuses?

Personal intimacy with God, those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder and depression in the winter months, supernatural release (that the Lord would help us take the limits off of Him), salvation of unsaved loved ones, and anything else the Lord puts on your heart.

Who can be involved?




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