Echoes of Grey : The Book

Earlier this year, I shared that I was beginning to write a book.

The journey thus far has been laced with great writing days, insecure moments, and plenty of writer’s block.

I started to ask the Lord for direction as I pursue this dream and I gained some clarity.

It hit me when I realized that in a lot of ways, my book has already been written…right here at Echoes.

I’ve been reading Maya Angelou’s ‘A Letter to My Daughter’  , it’s a collection of essay written to give some sort of insight into life.

And while I would never compare myself to Mother Angelou, her book inspired me.

So I’m turning Echoes of Grey into a book. A collection of essays. Stories. Scripture.

My self implemented finish date is Fall 2014.

Be praying for me as I searching the archives of this blog, compile, edit, and write over the next few months.

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