Directionally Challenged

I’m often times afraid of silence and solitude because it is there that I realize how much stuff is wrong with me.

Seriously, if you have just a few moments alone with my thoughts, you’d be scared and probably judge me a bit (and for some of you a lot).

Silence brings those things to the forefront of my mind and draws me to repentance.

A good thing, right?

Not for this arrogant soul. I would rather scream above my thoughts and not even deal with how dirty my heart can be.


But this Jesus dude, won’t leave me alone.

He beckons me into His presence and shows me that He is enough.

And that I don’t have to be afraid.

I just struggle to believe Him, so every day….who am I kidding?… every 5 minutes He reminds me that I am His.


He’ll let me go play around in the playground of my idols.

I always end up falling and He dusts me off and sends me out again.

Never condemning me, just pushing me in the right direction.

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