The Dangers of Serving a Great God

Sometimes I just don’t feel good enough.

I beat myself up because I should be praying more, I should love the Word more,  I should be telling more people about Jesus.

Just a few minutes ago, I caught myself questioning my devotion to Christ. ‘Have I become one of those seasonal believers?’ I asked myself. Do I practice what I preach…literally.

I find myself overwhelmed at the enormous task of serving such a great God. He deserves more than I could ever show Him and that keeps me up some nights.

But why?

Lean in close and I’ll tell you…

I’m an arrogant and selfish person. And that’s not me being critical of myself, that’s just plain truth.

Who am I to think I could ever come close to giving God what He deserves?  And how did any of this become about me?

Isn’t our sole purpose in life to give Him glory and for Him to be exalted amidst our weakness?

This is an every day conversation in my head.

However, I’m learning that I can’t do more. In fact, I’m learning to do less.

And instead, trust more, lean more, breathe more.

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