When People Think I’m Cool

I’m in a position in life where some people care about what I think, they respect me, they listen to what I have to say. For some reason, my opinion matters to them (this is all mind boggling to me).

And I can handle this in one of three ways:

1. Get really prideful

2. Ignore it

3. Steward it

I’m trying to do the third option but I tend to swing between option one and two. I’ve always struggled with pride, so that struggle comes naturally, and in order to avoid pride, sometimes I just try and ignore the attention. Both are extremely harmful.

I need to honor where the Lord has me.

Stewardship is ‘the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving’. 

So here is I steward my gift of leadership:

1. Recognize it’s a gift – I have done nothing to deserve it, it has been given to me. This keeps me humble.

2. Laugh a lot – I have never taken myself too seriously, life is boring that way.

3. Talk to my inner circle – There are people in my life who aren’t afraid to provide direction, counsel, and rebuke. I check in with them often.

4. Pray – This keeps me face to face with the holiness of God.

5. Read the Word – It’s the best leadership book out there.

6. Rest – I take one day a week to rest, usually a Wednesday or Saturday.

7. Hang out with people who are better than you – I’m surrounded by leaders who are my superiors and they constantly challenge me to be better.

8. Read a lot – The phrase ‘leaders are readers’ is true in my opinion.

9. Attend conferences, listen to podcasts, go to classes – Educate yourself in your field.

10. Workout – This is a new one for me but it helps me release stress and gives me some good think time.

What am I missing?

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