A Late Post on Sermon Prep

With the new direction of the blog, I’ve made a commitment to myself to write something every week but I refuse to be anxious about it. I’m not going to stress myself out over a blog post. It’s amazing what happens when you give yourself permission to relax.

With that said, some of my posts will come late at night when I feel like inspiration hasn’t hit or I’m not pleased with a post I’m working on.

So tonight, I want to talk about sermon prep. I’m preparing to preach tomorrow night and I want to throw up. I think it’s God’s way of keeping me humbled and helping me understand the weight of my responsibility as a pastor and preacher. I get to open God’s Word and communicate it’s truth to a group of people. That is a mind blowing reality for me.

And I prepare with that reality. I am sometimes crippled in worship because of it. I struggle with trying to figure out how to communicate truth and boldness without being an emotional wreck. It’s amazing that I ever get through a message because the process the Lord takes me through is marked with tears.

I’m learning to handle God’s Word with care and that lesson is incomparable.

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