How To Read The Bible…And Enjoy It

I’m a pastor and a seminary student.

The Bible is my textbook and my manual.

I spend hours a day in it, for my personal growth, studying for classes, preparing for sermons, and counseling and discipling others.

And because I’m human, sometimes I struggle to find motivation, so I have a few tricks up my sleeves and I want to share them with you:

1. Walk around and read. This may seem odd at first but I love it. Sometimes I catch myself preaching to my couches or my pillow.

2. Read aloud. This really helps the words sink in for me.

3. Listen to an audio Bible and close your eyes. This is a form of meditation for me.

4. Read a verse or small passage, think on it, and journal. Just let your hand write, don’t think about it. This helps with processing what you just read.

5. Try a different translation. I typically read from ESV but every once in a while, I’ll grab my NLT or Message bible.

6. Read sporadically. Read a chapter in Ezra, then one in Proverbs, then head over to Matthew or maybe 1 Corinthians.

7. Read through a Bible plan.

8. Memorize a verse or passage.

9. Read the same verse every day for a month. This has had life changing benefits for me.

10. Read the Bible when you’re awake. I don’t get in the Word, until I have at least a half a cup of coffee in my system.


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