Echoes of Grey

Here’s something you need to know about me:

Whatever platform I have, whether that be social media or a pulpit, I want to make much of Jesus.

In fact, I recently added something to the ‘About’ page on the blog. It now read, ‘Echoes of Grey exists for those who refuse to give up wrestling with God and for those who need a safe place to do that, all in the name of making much of Jesus.’

I tell people all the time that my mind is a very dangerous place and if people knew everything that went on up there, well, I’m not sure they’d be my friends anymore. I don’t say that in a self degrading way but just to give you some perspective on the mess in my head.

And because I wanted to ‘play it safe’, I haven’t always been as honest as I could be on the blog. All of that is about to change.

I want the Echoes community to be able to wrestle openly and honestly. As I stated on relaunch day, this is not a ‘I hate the Church’ blog, in fact I am quite in love with Her.

I also realize that often times we find ourselves lost in grey, uncertain of what to believe and scared to label anything as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

There’s grace for the grey and I hope you experience that here.

4 thoughts on “Echoes of Grey

  1. You have beautiful things to share. You have questions we need to ask. We will be known by our love. Your love lives all over the place!

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