On Being Single

I am 25 and single and have been for quite some time now.

And honestly, my life is so full that I don’t often have time to reflect on that fact.

And then there are moments when I long to be in a relationship, when I long for that type of intimacy with a man who will cherish me.

In those moments I am confronted with my personality.

I am strong.

I am independent.

I am an extrovert.

I am a leader.

I’ve been told that I intimidate most men.

So what do I do with that?

I cry sometimes.

But more than that, I pray… a lot.

I pray mostly because I know it is only God that can prepare a man to deal with me.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for sympathy with this post.

I just think it’s time for single people to find space to express their desire for a relationship and intimacy in a healthy way.

My desire for a husband does not frame how I live or the steps I take.

This may sound corny to you but when my eyes are on Jesus, I don’t worry about too much of anything.




6 thoughts on “On Being Single

  1. Thank you for sharing this. This is so affirming to hear–especially for someone who experiences the same thing!

  2. I appreciate your thoughts Bri and to be honest I struggle with being single. I know that there will be a man for me only if God places him in my life. I am strong and independent so I don’t know what I would do with a relationship, but I do know that I will live my life unhindered by my waiting for the right man.

    1. Love that you resonate with the post sis! I wanted to provide a space for those who are single to be honest yet be encouraged to stay focused on what really matters

  3. This is beautiful, Bri! While I wouldn’t trade the past 6 years with Nate and these wonderful toddlers I have running around, there are days when I wish I could relive some of my single years longer. Hmm…maybe that’s not quite it, perhaps it’s more that I wish I cherished them more — appreciated them more when I was in the middle of them.

    I applaud you for your honesty and introspection to recognize the beauty and possibility your life season holds, while still holding that in tension with your emotions and desires. I will be praying that God continues to use you mightily and gives you the grace and joy you need each day.

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