The Inescapable God

I sat down last night with every intention to get some writing done.

I was listening to Laura Mvula and went onto YouTube looking for this video to get some inspiration.

However, I ended up finding this video instead.

Watching that video began a two and half hour prayer/worship time in my room.

Door closed, music blaring, tongue screaming, weeping prayer.

Before you assume that I’m trying to boast, let me give you a little background.

For the past few weeks, I have sensed the Lord beckoning me to Himself. I have felt Him drawing me closer.

And I have ran.

I would spend just enough time with Him to get my fix and move onto the next task as to avoid any real heart searching conversation with Him.

Frankly, I was scared.

But even as I ran, He would speak to me at the most random times: while I was watching TV, while I walked to my car, while I was meeting with a friend, while I made my coffee…

He wanted me and He wasn’t about to let up.

And last night, I surrendered. Not even because I wanted to really but because I had no choice.

The tears just came.

He got me.


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