Why You Should Play Naked

On Sunday night, at the young adult service at my church, Pastor Josh Robinson brought a Word on God’s crazy love from the story of Hosea. If you aren’t familiar with the story, here’s a brief synopsis: God tells His prophet, Hosea, to go marry a prostitute, Gomer, who will eventually cheat on him. Hosea is obedient, Gomer cheats on him, and God tells him to go get his wife back. Hosea then pays money to get his cheating wife back.

If the story seems too good to be true for you, it’s because it is. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Furthermore, this story serves as a representation of God’s love for us. We, like Gomer, are spiritual prostitutes. We go for what is appealing to our emotions and our senses and we neglect our Creator. But God, knowing that we would cheat on Him, sent His Son to die on a bloody cross for us anyway.

Mind blowing truth!

If you said, ‘amen’ at any time during that story, whether it was audible, in your mind or your spirit, may I ask you a question?

How do you live in light of that truth?

I ask because I feel like Christians have gotten really good at spotting whore houses and forgetting that, apart from the grace of God, we belong there. We are excellent at judging others. We can see the plank in someone else’s eye a mile away.

But we are slow to confess our wrongs. We rarely apologize but instead we make excuses.

We are, essentially, whores who play dress up.

However, Christ beckons us to play naked.

To be real. To be transparent. To be on the receiving end of this scandalous grace.

In this naked playground, there is no room for judgement.

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