Why I Keep My Phone Close By

The Lord has given me an ever increasing love for His Word.

I spend hours a day in that Book for personal reading, discipleship meetings, classes, and sermons.

And since we are creatures of habit, I always have three things near by when I’m in the Word: my journal, a pen, and my phone.

Your phone?

Before you judge me, allow me to explain myself.

I believe that God still speaks today. I believe that people can hear prophetically from the Lord. I believe that the Holy Spirit can prompt a person to speak into someone else’s life.

And I believe that the most profound and loudest speaker the Lord uses to speak to our hearts is His Word.

Scripture says that the Word is living and active (Heb. 4:12).

So as I am reading God’s Word, He is speaking to me. He is encouraging me. He is challenging me.

And as He speaking to me about other people. He brings situations to mind where I can use a verse or passage to encourage or uplift a sister or brother in Christ. An opportunity for iron to sharpen iron.

So I keep my phone nearby when I’m in the Word expecting God to speak to me about those in my life.

After all, His Word is better than any advice I could ever think of offering.

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