How I Use Social Media

It is no secret that I love social media.

My outlets of choice are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

There are tons of posts out there about the negative effects of social media but I have always been pro social media when it’s done well.

So here’s how I use social media:

1) To exalt Jesus

I’m not trying to be ‘overly spiritual’ (although I don’t think that’s possible…but that’s another blog post), I’m being sincere. We spend hours on social media and I have the opportunity to direct someone’s attention to Christ. As they are scrolling through their newsfeed, hitting ‘like’ along the way, they may see my post and if only for a few seconds, their attention will be on the only One that really matters.

2) To inspire

If I read or watch something that blesses me, you better believe I’m going to share it. I want other people to be encouraged too.

3) To express myself

As humans, we like to know that we’re not alone. We like to know that someone else shares in our experiences. So while I don’t use social media to vent about my every insecurity or frustration, I will write a few characters about my current emotions and/or experiences.

4) To promote others

It’s really hard for people, especially Christians, to encourage and celebrate each other. It’s annoying frankly (I’ll be writing about that tomorrow). So, I use social media to publicly lift up other people. Who doesn’t like a shout out every once in a while?

5) To promote projects I’m working on

I have a job I’m passionate about, so I promote the various things I’m working on. I enjoy writing, so I promote this page. And hopefully, this points to #1. I promote what I’m working on because, for me, it’s all about Jesus.

How about you? How do you use social media?

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