Yet I Press On

I’m no stranger to fear.
In fact, I’m fearful more often than I’d care to admit.
My insecurities chase me in my dreams.
And yet I press on.
My pride wants to say I press on because of something within me.
Perhaps I’m driven or self motivated.
But I’m not.
At least not on my own.
See this ‘Jesus thing’ isn’t a bunch of cliche phrases for me.
It’s life.
Apart from Christ I am really nothing.
I have a shirt that says, ‘Without Jesus I Suck’.
Some seemed baffled when I wear it or perhaps they are offended by the word ‘suck’
Regardless, I wear it because its true and its a needed reminder…daily.
Jesus is everything to me.
Not because I’ve done anything awesome for Him but because He’s done everything for me.
Life hasn’ t been a cake walk, that’s for sure.
I’m in the midst of difficult season now, in fact.
Yet I press on.
He has never once failed me.
I’ve cried.
I’ve been angry.
I’ve been confused.
But He’s always been there.
There have been some rough patches.
I’ve doubted Him.
Yet I press on.
My invitiation to you is simple.
Will you try Him?
Not the Jesus you see on TV.
Not the Jesus you see in your friends.
Not the Jesus you see in your family.
Not the Jesus you see in your local church.
Try Jesus.
The Jesus in the Bible.
The Jesus who loves you.
The Jesus who died for you.
The Jesus who refuses to leave you even if you refuse to acknowledge Him.
Here’s the thing my friend.
All that other stuff is going to let you down eventually.
It feels good now but it won’t last.
That’s just the facts.
But this Jesus guy.
He’s perfect.
He doesn’t mess up.
He won’t hurt you.
Pretty cool, right?
So, would you join me in the pursuit of Him?
It will be hard at times.
That’s a part of life.
But I want you to be able to say
Yet I press on.

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