REPOST: A Student of the Word – Part 2

Post originally written on 6/30/11


You can read part 1 here.

This summer, I have fallen in love with the Word of God. I’m reading the Scriptures as if I’m reading them for the first time. It’s like I’m reading passages for the first time. The Lord has been gracious enough to literally give us everything we need to walk with Him. And its all in His Word. If we would just take the time to read and really study it, we would know that.

Here are some practical ways I am becoming a student of the Word:

  • Learn how to study the Bible – this resource has been extremely helpful to me
  • Take out a chunk of my time to spend in the Word – it’s at least an hour a day for me
  • Journal through the Word of God – write now I’m going through Proverbs. I write out a verse or two and write what I learned from them
  • Commit to memorizing Scripture – I have to hide the Word in my heart
  • Accountability – I can’t do this on my own. I need people to know what I’m doing and to keep me accountable to it

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