REPOST: The Beauty of Redemption

Post originally written on 1/1/10


My family has a tradition where every New Year’s Eve, we get together, share what God has done for us in the past year and pray together.

Before we prayed my aunt shared the message of the Gospel and my baby brother, 7, accepted Christ as his personal Savior.

I’m a bit choked up right now…not only is my brother washed in the blood of the Lamb…but he is also a picture of redemption. Three years ago, when Joey walked into our lives, he was a product of abuse and neglect. I remember when he first walked into our home and couldn’t speak at all. I remember how he ate his happy meal…evidence that he hadn’t eaten in a while. I remember the kid that was diagnosed with all kinds off psychological disorders…disorders that dissolved with a little love and attention. I remember the old Joey.

But now, I’m pretty sure Joey is the happiest boy in the world. He loves school. He loves reading any book he can get his hand on. He’s always running around the house singing some song he doesn’t know all the words to. And he’s the first person to come into my room at ask, ‘Do you need anything?’ or ‘Can I be with you?’. And last night he began the process of understanding where his joy comes from.

Church, Joey is a beautiful picture of redemption. Many of us are still bound by our past…bound by the things that used to dominate our minds and our hearts. But if we just let Him love us…if we just let Him be God and shower us with His grace and mercy. We can experience the kind of joy that Joey knows.

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