Sacred Ventures

While writing is an outlet for me, it’s also extremely scary. I would like to think that I’m relatively creative and the mind of a creative is a scary place to venture. When I write, I throw up the synthesis of hundreds upon thousands of ideas that come to my head in a matter of days.

Writing is freeing because my thoughts no longer have the ability to keep me captive. I expose them and move on.

Because of the sacredness of writing, one must decide when and where they will write. While we must free ourselves from the bondage of our thoughts, we don’t have to expose all of them to the world.

The Bible is clear that our words have power. Thoughts come to life. And in a world where it takes one click to write whatever you want, we’ve lost the sanctity of writing.

I suppose that’s why I took a break from blogging. Writing wasn’t sacred anymore, it was an obligation. And that was the fault of no one but me. I didn’t allot the necessary time to clear my head and get words on a page. From that point forward it is then my responsibility to decide if I wanted to share those thoughts or keep them private.

And after doing a lot thinking, praying, reading, and listening over the past few weeks, writing is sacred again.

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