Stop Being Annoying

Jealousy in the Church.

Frankly, it’s annoying.

The Church = the family of God.

My sister is a nurse, and a pretty good one I might add. I am a Resident Director at my alma mater and I love what I do.

How much sense would it make for me to be upset with my sister for how well she does at nursing?

She’s a nurse, I’m not.

So what sense does it make for me to turn up my noise at her accomplishments or get angry with her for doing well?

Besides, SHE’S MY SISTER! My blood! I should be happy for her.

So, why don’t we grasp this concept when it comes to the Church?!

I can’t tell you how many students come to me to share their accomplishments and successes but ask me to keep quiet about it because their peers, all professed Christians, will be angry with them.


I am baffled by that.

Church, let us be known for celebrating the accomplishments and successes of our brothers and sisters.

Jealousy and envy have eaten at us long enough.

Step into the role God has designed uniquely for you, stay in your lane, and embrace the journey.



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