I’m Perfect

I am convinced that the demise of every leader is lack of self examination.

This is especially true for the Christian leader who begins to use the Word of God to justify actions and thoughts rather than allowing it to provide correction and instruction.

The reality of how easy it is to become self righteous, especially as a leader, haunts me.

So there are three things I do to stay grounded:

1) Journal

I recently listened to Michael Hyatt’s podcast on the significance of journaling and it offered some great advice and tips. I journal to get the madness that is my thought life out on paper. I use Day One on my Mac because it’s much easier for me to type out my thoughts than to write it all down. This provides a place for reflection on Scripture and for what’s going on in my heart.

2) Mentors

There are older men and women in my life who are constantly pouring into me. And I am constantly going to them for wisdom and counsel. These people remind me that I don’t know as much as I think I do.

3) Trusted accountability

My close friend group is small and consists of people who have known me for 3 or more years. These are the people who have seen every side of me and for whatever reason decided to stick around and love me for who I am. These people know how screwed up I am and push me to be better.

As leaders, we’ve got to be intentional about gauging the temperature of our hearts and emotions.

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