REPOST: Day 1 – The Reason I’m Here

This post marks the first day of internship with Urban Hope a few years ago. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.


So after I finished up some last minute packing, my parents, Joey and I loaded up the car and headed to Kensington, Pa…my home for the next 2 months. The drive normally takes about 45 minutes but because of traffic it took us a little over an hour and landed us at Urban Hope around 5:50 this evening.

When we arrived I quickly scoped out the house and met the other three interns, Margaret, Molly, and Julie. I also met Cassie who lives here now and volunteers with Urban Hope, as well as her boyfriend, Jonathan and his friend, Sam. Jonathan and Sam serve as the maintenance guys around here and have been working hard to get the house ready for us.

The director of CE National (the ministry Urban Hope is affiliated with), Ed Lewis, came and took us all out to IHOP for dinner so we could get to know each other. And Ed brought someone with him…

Ed was all smiles as he introduced us to Jose. Jose has been involved with drugs since he was 12. He’s known in this area pretty well and people from the church have been reaching out to him for a while. This morning during a time of prayer, Ed, Jason and Brent (two of the other men who work at Urban Hope) came together and felt led to specifically pray for Jose to come to Christ. They prayed at 9…Jose walked into the church at 12 and said that he was ready to commit his life to Christ.

Jose shared that he had been touched by the joy he saw in another believer. A friend of his had recently come to Christ and he noticed something different about her. I’ll never forget the look in his eyes as he shared how he so desperately wanted that joy. He said that he was 38 and tired of running the streets. He said if he could stand on the streets selling drugs…he could stand on the streets for God.

At that moment, I remembered why I’m here.

I’m here to see Jesus transform the lives of His people.

I’m here because I want to be a part of that.

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