REPOST: Playing games

I’ve been thinking a lot and realizing that I can tend to play a lot of games with God.

By that I mean that I tend to play it safe when it comes to my faith. I mean I go through periods where I’m on a ‘spiritual high’ and pursuing Christ wholeheartedly. But then that fades and I go back to doing what I can do to ‘just get by.’ You know…things like reading my Bible occasionally, praying, going to church, etc.

But as I’ve been thinking about what Christ calls me to…what He calls all His followers too…I’ve realized that ‘playing it safe’ doesn’t cut it. I mean look at the Gospels…Jesus wasn’t playing around when He called people to Himself. As a matter of fact, He said He’d spit me out if I was lukewarm.

Jesus was clear in His message…give me all or nothing.

All or nothing.
All or nothing.

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