REPOST: Reflections on thoughts from Brother Rob Bell

Originally posted on September 10, 2009

You may be reading this because you have already formed an opinion of Rob Bell. I’m not writing this to defend or refute any statements he’s made, I’m simply writing to share thoughts that challenged me today as I read his latest book, ‘Drops Like Stars’.

“God came into the world and screamed alongside us.”

There is lie that has invaded the evangelical Christian circle…we are all okay. Don’t believe me? Ask someone how they’re doing tomorrow…their response? ‘Good’. And whether I want to admit it or not, 9 times out of 10, I’ll answer the same way..regardless of how I am really feeling. What struck me about this quote from Bell’s book is it completely destroys that lie. We were never promised that life would perfect. Christ not only came to die for our sins but to scream alongside us. That literally takes my breath away. I serve a God who is mighty enough to save yet personal enough to understand my suffering.

“What every artist must learn is that even the failed pieces are essential.”

Bell talks about how he uses words like ‘failure’ or ‘waste’ in his counseling sessions and his counselor reminds him that He is the God who wastes nothing. Too many of us are defined by our past. Your past is over. My past is over. And He is working in our brokeness. He is making Himself known even in our failures. That’s the God I serve.

“I keep discovering that its in the blemish that the Spirit enters.”

Suffering forces me on my knees. Suffering helps me realize that I can’t do life on my own. I need a Savior…I need the Body of Christ. I need the Spirit of the Most High God. In acknowledging the truth of our pain, we are defeating Satan.

“We are going to suffer. And it’s going to shape us. Somehow. We will become bitter…or better…”

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