Twerk for Jesus

I knew that would get your attention. While you’re here, no that I don’t affirm twerking of any kind, anywhere!

Now that we’re clear, what are your thoughts on Christian ministry today? (stay with me I’m gonna connect everything eventually)


I work at a church, so most of my time is spent planning programs and meeting about various programs.

But is it time to rethink how we ‘do ministry’?

My most powerful moments of Christian ministry have been during one on one conversations over a cup of coffee or a drive to the grocery store or while playing a game of racquetball.

I think we’ve complicated things.

And while I don’t support ‘twerking for Jesus’, I think we’ve got to stop running from things that are supposed to make us uncomfortable. We’ve been programmed as Christians to think that we need to avoid any place that plays music with too much bass and serves alcohol. And I get that we all have to be discerning and wise but why are we so afraid?

We’ve got to stop making people come to our programs and start going to them.

What are your thoughts? Am I totally off with this?

4 thoughts on “Twerk for Jesus

  1. Thank you for this it makes me think over the conversation I was having yesterday. We (church folks) have a country club mentality. We want you to look like us and act like us but we need to be more accepting of people not like us if we want to see them saved.

  2. I loved this. So true that as Christians, we get uncomfortable with things that we aren’t used to partaking in…when if we could just get over what others think, or what they’re doing, then we could do some work for Jesus! The college group at my church went to a local club 2 weeks ago and the pastor went up with the DJ, did a few worship songs, and he shared the Gospel. A few people prayed to receive Him that night; I thought that was one of the coolest things I’ve heard of in a while.

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