When a Facebook Page Makes You Want To Throw Up

Yesterday, I created a Facebook page for the blog after reading this article: http://goinswriter.com/facebook-page/

And the whole time I was making the page and inviting my friends, I wanted to throw up and here’s why:

1) I was afraid of what people would think

Will I come across as being narcissistic? Will anyone even enjoy the content on the blog?

2) I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough

There are far better writers than me out there, what makes me think I have what it takes?

3) I was afraid of failing

What if this dream fails? Am I willing to risk that?


Three words: I was afraid..

Past tense.

Fear has a way of crippling you. But fear lost last night.

Those thoughts will creep up on me again I’m sure.

But in the words of Jon Acuff, ‘I punched fear in the face.’

What fear are you going to punch in the face today?


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