Mixed Signals

I am a YouTube fanatic.

I’ll watch a video and then start clicking on the related videos on the right hand side and be on there for hours.

The other day, I was watching some sermons and came across a sermon by a speaker I hadn’t heard before. She was a powerful communicator and started to talk about how the Church has to be intentional about reaching the world. She talked about how we can’t become comfortable in how we are dressed and with our material possessions.

All the while, she is dressed beautifully with plenty of jewelry and make up on.

Disclaimer: I am not against dressing well, jewelry, make up or having money.

I just think we, as leaders in the Christian community, have to be intentional about making sure that our message matches our lifestyle and the message we are sending to non believers.

Hear me out, her message was powerful and I don’t know her personally. I’m not judging her. However, I wish she would have offered a disclaimer like ‘it’s not bad to have money as long as you use it well’.

You may be saying, ‘Bri, give her the benefit of the doubt.’ And I did and her message blessed me.

It just reminded me that I have to be so intentional about remembering the non believers around me every day. They have no reason to give me the benefit of the doubt. They are listening to my words and watching my life and I may only get one chance.

I’ve got to be careful.

What are your thoughts? Am I taking this too far?

2 thoughts on “Mixed Signals

  1. I truly understand what you are saying. Now a days you really have to take into consideration everyone around you if you want them really hear what you are saying. Especially if your message is telling me to not get comfortable with worldly things that I should just settle for Great Value coffee but you sit in front of me with “Starbucks”. Your message to me is going to be very cloudy πŸ˜€

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