Watching the Crucifixion

Earlier this week, I watched the crucifixion scene from The Bible series.

There were times when I wanted to look away but I forced myself to watch. I watched because I wanted my gratitude to increase. I watched because all too often I take Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for granted.

I watched and wept.

I wept because Jesus was consumed with the will of the Father …that is what drove Him to the cross.

I wept as I watched Mary mourn over her lost knowing that it had to be done.

There was a common theme that wrecked me as I watched Jesus carry the cross…

the glory of God.

The price paid on Calvary’s cross saved me but the purpose of the cross was for the glory of God.

I am often consumed with my own desires. I am often consumed with what other people think about me. I am consumed with my selfishness.

Yet the cross is a reminder for me, that this thing is about His glory. It’s never been about me.

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