Why I Paint My Nails

I used to hate painting my nails because I thought it was a huge waste of time. I could think of tons of other things I could do during that time. You have to paint your nails and then wait for them to dry and the whole process just seemed time consuming.

But then I realized that painting my nails taught me three invaluable leadership lessons:

1) I need to slow down

Despite the countless sermons and lessons I’ve heard on how it’s not good to be busy, I crave it at times. I like always having something to do. But I’ve realized over time that my purpose was beginning to be wrapped up in how busy I was and not in who God made me to be.

2) I need to practice focus

I cannot keep my hand still for more than a few seconds. I’m a percussionist and so, if I’m not using my hands to type or write, I’m beating on something. And when I try to keep them still to cut in a straight line or paint my nails, it takes a whole new level of focus. I have to be intentional about focusing during that time.

3) I need to be still

As I wait for my nails to dry, there isn’t much I can do without messing them up besides sit there. I can watch a show, listen to music, pray but whatever I’m doing I have to be still.

So that’s why I paint my nails. 

What do you do that helps you calm down?

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