Why I’m Not Pentecostal…

or any other denomination for that matter.

I’m not opposed to those of you who may have a denominational or theological preference.

I am opposed to denominational or theological pride.

Earlier this week, I finished The Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick. In the book, Lomenick lists the 8 essentials to becoming a catalyst leader. The last essential discussed was collaboration.

A leader must learn how to work with others and set aside personal agenda for Kingdom purposes.

I live in an area that is well populated with churches however I see very little collaboration.  And I don’t think these churches hate each other, I think everyone is just content doing their own thing. But why is that?

Female leadership, sign gifts, baptism methods, music genre, and dress code are just a few of the things that tend to keep churches from working together.

What do you think? Should our churches work together more?

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