Judging Worship

I am a musician and love to lead others in worship from my congas.

I have been afforded the opportunity to lead worship in various contexts and denominations.

I am more of a ‘charismatic’ worshipper but have come to appreciate the richness of hymns and the stillness of liturgy.

But one thing has always bothered me…when people judge how others worship. Here’s what I’ve heard:

‘Why is he just sitting there? Didn’t he hear what Pastor just said?!’

‘ It doesn’t take all that to worship God, she just wants attention.’

‘ I can only worship well to hymns that contemporary stuff is too much for me.’

‘ Why does he keep saying ‘O’, that’s not worship?’

And the list could go on.

When it comes to an individual’s relationship with and worship to God, who are we to judge?

I’m not a heart reader.

How foul my worship must smell in the nostrils of God when I turn up my own nose at the ways others worship?

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