Half Way There

I am exhausted but in the best way possible.

After leaving, Baltimore on Sunday we headed to Callaway, MD to sing at a chapel for the King’s Academy (high school of our drummer, Caleb Morris). We had a blast hanging out with the kids, playing games, and leading them in a time of worship. After the concert, a girl ran up to me who had won a shirt and she asked me to sign the back of it. I did and I watched her run away and show her friends. In that moment, I was hit with the significance of what we’re doing. I realized that she was watching me the whole time and I had no idea. Justin challenged us with remembering that before we left for the trip.

2013-03-04 13.29.54

2013-03-04 11.48.31

After our time with the students at the King’s Academy, we headed to my high school, Delaware County Christian School. It was awesome to be back and see some of the people that helped shaped who I am today. We had the opportunity to lead the middle schoolers in worship during their missions emphasis week. After chapel, we got to go over to the elementary school and sing for the students. I told them that my little brother and baby cousin went there and they brought them to me. When Joey , my baby bro, walked in, his teacher came over to me and said she was so happy I came. Evidently, in Bible class that morning, Joey had asked for prayer for our trip and he prayed that he would be able to see me before I left…and then I showed up. I’m not gonna lie…I got choked up and I’m glad I was able to see my baby boy.

2013-03-05 11.31.142013-03-04 21.11.30

After our time at DC, we headed to Urban Hope in Kensington, PA. I was an intern at Urban Hope 2 years ago, led 2 spring break teams from CU, and I bring my RA’s every year for fall break. I love the people in Kensington and I love the way Urban Hope does ministry. We had an awesome time of group devotions and an incredible night of worship. Urban Hope was a favorite of many on the trip.

We left Philly on Thursday morning and headed to Long Island, New York. After a few delays and a quick set up, we were exhausted but praised the Lord through it all. Needless to say, it wasn’t our best concert but a lot of people told us how blessed they were by it. We were in awe with how God used us as weak as we were.

Friday was a travel day as we headed back to Ohio.

Saturday night we had a worship concert at Cedar Hills Baptist in Cleveland and Sunday we led worship at Faith Ministries in the morning and had a concert there that night.

After tour, we were exhausted but in the best way possible.

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