Good Morning Baltimore

This is my seventh year being involved with OneVoice and I still can’t get over how powerful the ministry of music is.

On Thursday, we had a five hour rehearsal to prepare for tour. We set up all of our equipment, talked about touring, and ran through some music.

2013-02-28 18.35.31

On Friday, we left campus at 1pm and headed to East Richland Evangelical Friends Church in St. Clairsville, OH (home church of team member, Allie Hundley). We had a beautiful time of worship with the church family there…I can’t think of a better way to start our tour. After the concert, I spoke with an older woman from the church. She thanked me for coming and said that it was an encouragement for her to see young people using there time to glorify God. What a reminder to stay focused?!  After leaving the church, all the women headed to the Hundley’s house and the men separated into various host homes. The Hundleys, as always, are AMAZING hosts! They gave us tons of food and made us feel right at home.

2013-03-01 17.10.23



2013-03-01 17.10.48






On Saturday, after a great breakfast from Mama Hundley, we met up with the men at the church and headed to Baltimore. Our van ride was full of laughs, sleep, good conversation, and of course, plenty of music. We arrived at Mt Pleasant Church and Ministries greeted by former CU admissions rep, OneVoice founder, and Biggest Loser contestant, Michael Dorsey. My junior and senior year in high school, Mike came to my school for college fairs and recruited me to Cedarville and told me to get plugged into OneVoice

His legacy has always been an inspiration to me and his work on the Biggest Loser ranch only makes me admire him more.

After we set up and sound checked at Mt Pleasant, we headed to the hotel to check in and freshen up and headed to the mall to eat and hang out.

2013-03-02 15.55.012013-03-03 13.52.48

2013-03-02 16.12.40


Yesterday, we had the honor of leading a time of worship at Mt Pleasant. Our time leading in song was powerful and it was followed by a powerful word from Bishop Johnson. My favorite quote from his message was, ‘An excuse ain’t nothing but a lie wrapped up in a reason’. Whoa!! After service, Justin Spann, our director and fearless leader, and I were talking about the message and a woman came up to us to thank us for our ministry. But then she said this with tears in her eyes, ‘My life will never be the same because of your ministry today.’ Justin and I just looked at each other and got those ‘Holy Ghost shakes’, we were speechless. After service, we were served an amazing lunch from some of the church staff, hung out with Mike and heard stories of the early days of OV. We then headed back to the hotel, some people went to the Baltimore Harbor to shop and hang out. I stayed back and worked on some assignments for grad school.

Last night, we had dinner with Mike and his family and some people from Mt. Pleasant. We laughed at Mike’s stories from the Biggest Loser ranch and told him about some of our funny stories from OV.












As Mike left he said, ‘Play every song like it’s your first time playing it, you never know who will live another day because of your ministry.’

Today, we are headed to the King’s Academy in Callaway, MD (high school of our drummer, Caleb Morris) to sing for them and hang out with the students. After that, we’ll head to my high school to set up and sound check. It’s gonna be a good day!

Prayer Requests:
– A lot of people are getting sick, pray for healing and divine strength
– Team unity – anytime you’re around the same people for extended amounts of times it can become difficult, pray that we would continue to love each other well
– Continued opportunities to share the Gospel and encourage others

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