I am a Resident Director and have hired six Resident Assistants.

This week I have been talking to prospective RAs about what I would expect from them as RAs and what I expect for the dorm. Here they are:

RA Expectations: work well with others, creativity and flexibility, communication

Dorm Expectations: intentional community, safe place, fun environment

When I talk to my girls about being creative and flexible, what I am saying is I want them to be 100% them. I want them to bring their personalities to their hall and the dorm. I want them to, essentially, feel like they own their job. In working with people, I’ve found that if an individual feels like they own an assignment or task they do better.

But ownership without accountability is fatal.

If my RAs feel ownership of their halls but never get any direction from me, my dorm is in trouble. Not because I’m such a great leader but because there is no vision.

Creativity grows best within limitations.

People want to own a project AND buy into the vision.

What’s a vision that you’ve bought in to? (at your church, business, job, school, etc.)

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