Director of Discipleship

When I was a kid, I would force my sister,  my friends, and all of my stuffed animals to sit down and listen to me preach. Not only did I preach but I was in charge of the whole service and they had to sit there for the whole thing.

Little did I know, a few years later I would be on staff at a church.

On Sunday, I was anointed and appointed as the Director of Discipleship at AHOP.


AHOP Appointment


It was easily one of the most significant moments in my life. This has been a dream since I was little and the Lord in His infinite faithfulness has opened doors beyond anything I could ever imagine.

Some of my responsibilities include:

– Serving as an Associate Director for Fusion (our college ministry)

– Discipling our volunteers and those who serve our church

– Developing programs and curriculum  for our ministry leaders as they disciple their teams

– Preaching periodically

My response to everything has been ‘I will be what You’ve called me to be’ and ‘For Your glory, I will do anything.’

Obedience and humility…leggo!

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