3 Words That Will Shape 2013

I’ve always been on the fence about New Years resolutions, mostly because I rarely follow through. Last year, I tried the #FinishYear  plan and that was a step closer to helping me finish what I planned on December 31st.

This year, I want to be simple and more practical. My thoughts for my goals this year came as I read this article  by Donald Miller on his blog: http://storylineblog.com/2012/12/22/4-reasons-new-years-resolutions-dont-work/.

2013 will be able to be described for me in three words…





That is my prophetic vision for my year.

Each word will include practical steps to make that goal a reality this year.

I’ll unfold more on the blog throughout the week.

Here’s my challenge to you all…come up with three words you want to be known for this year, create a plan, create a way to stir up some accountability (create a hashtag, blog about it, tell a friend) and live!

Post your three words in the comments section.

And here’s your Monday Morning Focus…

3 thoughts on “3 Words That Will Shape 2013

  1. Intentional-with time, money and relationships

    Invested-in the body of Christ as a whole: church, hc, students, etc

    Interesting- I want to take chances, have fun and enjoy this wonderful gift of life!

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