Too Many Verses?

I use the YouVerison app on my iPhone and iPad. I really enjoy the accessibility to Scripture and that sharing is so easy.

So when I find a verse or passage that blesses me, I hit share and depending on what book I’m in or how I’m feeling that can become excessive. If you take a look at my Facebook wall, you’d see what I’m talking about.

But the other day, I stopped myself and thought, ‘You’re doing too much Bri’. I was both alarmed and confused by that thought. I often times wrestle with being ‘too Christian’ and what I really mean by that is I wrestle with coming across as being arrogant or pompous.

I’m not sharing Scripture to say, ‘Look everyone, I’m in the Word again’ but that fear of man kicks in and I draw back.

But here’s what helped me demolish that thought: I love social media and I believe in using it well. And I’m going to write about what I’m passionate about. And I’m passionate about God, His Word, and His Church.

God’s Word is really living water to me, I really do believe that it is living and active.

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