It’s Not About Me

I haven’t written anything here in a while.

Honestly, I’ve been struggling with what to write. My temptation has been to write some ‘woe is me’ post or some riveting post about how I’ve triumphed under fire. But nothing felt right. I haven’t been able to write a post I would be proud of…until today.

Tonight I realized that I’ve made everything about me. I got real focused on my stuff and wanted someone to come alongside me and pat me on the back. Don’t get me wrong, the past few months have been hard…really hard.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I signed up for this. I’ve accepted an invitation to persecution and an uncomfortable lifestyle. I’m going to be real with my emotions and deal with them appropriately and at the end of the day I’ve got to remember that I’ve been promised suffering.

But I’m also promised that I will never be alone. That there’s an eternal reward. That my eyes must stay fixed on Jesus. That He’s worth it.

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