On this blog, I try to air my frustrations in a way that respects anyone that may stumble upon my site. I never want to sound judgmental or arrogant.

But I have to be honest, I’m tired.

My frustration has only grown as I have had conversations with people who have felt pushed away by the Church.

People who may have a different sin struggle, a different political opinion, a different theological understanding, and the  list goes on.

Different means you don’t belong.

Is that the message of the Gospel?

In my context, there are a lot of assumptions about what I believe, only because I’ve never been one to stir the pot, at least not intentionally. But when questions are asked, I answer honestly. And the reaction of some of Jesus’ followers have been disheartening.

I’m different.

The way I do life would be considered unorthodox by some. My views on life could be considered liberal by others. My spiritual beliefs are probably considered too charismatic by most.

What do I do with this tension?

I retreat to the place I belong…

In His presence, nothing else matters.

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