Invalid Opinions

I can’t possibly be voting for Romney because I’m black.

If I vote for Obama, it’s because he’s black.

I care about diversity because I am a minority.

I promote diversity because it benefits me.

I’m a woman and a pastor so I have a flawed understanding of Scripture.

I grew up Pentecostal so my worship is all about emotion.

Those are just some of the assumptions that I’ve been faced with growing up in predominately white, Christian, conservative academic institutions. Frankly, I’m made to feel like an idiot at times. It’s as if I couldn’t possibly be educated on a topic because of a difference in opinion. I’m different in a lot of ways, that’s just who I am. In the last couple of years I’ve learned to embrace that.

My pastor said during his sermon a couple of weeks ago that he doesn’t know everything. He went on to say that he is committed to the Word of God but he’s sure that when he gets to heaven, God will probably pull him aside and ask what the heck he was doing at times.

What I love most about that is that he said ‘when he gets to heaven.’ I think sometimes, as Christians, we forget that their will be people in heaven that have different opinions then us.

There will be Democrats in heaven.

There will be Republicans in heaven.

There will be egalitarians in heaven.

There will be complementarians in heaven.

There will be Pentecostals in heaven.

There will be Baptists in heaven.

And the list goes on…

3 thoughts on “Invalid Opinions

  1. I can relate with this blog post – raised Pentecostal, a minority, etc. It’s sad how many times we become short-sighted and defensive when presented with differing opinions. We forget that the Christian life is a life of discovery through community.

    Oh that we would be open to hear and willing to reexamine what we believe; always going back to the Word of God, remembering that while Scripture is infallible, our understanding of it is not.

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