Ditching Distractions

With my desire to be more productive, I realized there are some things I’ve got to let go and/or limit. Here’s what I recently ditched:

– No more cable: I was paying for a service I really didn’t use (especially with Netflix and Hulu)

– Limit social media: I’m fan of social media and try to use it well but I have chunks of times throughout the day that I’ve set aside to use it

– Put my phone in another room: I can’t put my phone on silent because of the nature of my job but I have started putting it in another room. I’m less likely to get up if I’m in the middle of a task and if I did I can stretch out my legs a bit.

– Wear headphones: I’ve invested in Beats by Dr. Dre and they are worth it! If I’m trying to get work done within a group, the Beats come on and I can focus better.

What are you doing to limit distractions in your life?

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