Students of the Word

As I disciple others, I have always hated using the phrase ‘students of the Word’. I know that we must become students of the Word but since most of the people I disciple are college students, I don’t want to add more ‘work’ to their pile.

But I realized by doing that, I was teaching laziness. Essentially, I was saying, ‘Work diligently in your studies for school but when it comes to the Word, don’t work as hard.’ I’m realizing more and more that I’m too busy not to get in the Word. I am too busy not to study the Word. If the Word is really life giving and I am to use it as my weapon against the enemy, I need it written on my heart.

Here are some practical ways to become a student of the Word:

– Read it aloud
– Read a whole book in one sitting
– Memorize Scripture
– Write out a book of the Bible
– Print out a copy of your text and take notes
– Start a reading plan
– Read with a friend
– Use Bible study software
– Learn historical context
– Listen to a sermon
– Make Scripture a priority (before homework, cleaning, work, etc)
– Read the same passage in different verisons
– Discuss what you read with someone
– Journal

What are some other ways to become a student of the Word?

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