A Case of the Mondays

I’m one of those weird people that love Mondays. The idea of a fresh start and a do over of the  mess I may have made the week before excites me.

But this love of Mondays is fairly new for me. Here are some of the things that make Mondays awesome for me:

  • I have realistic expectations for the week: I don’t wake up thinking this is going to be the best week of my life because in reality it could be the worst. I wake up desiring to just get through the day and handle whatever comes my way with grace.
  • I start slow: This  morning I woke up at 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:45. I got my email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram checks taken care of while I was in bed.
  • I don’t try to be Ms.Spiritual: By this I just mean, I won’t understand anything I read in Scripture right after I wake up. So I get up, listen to a podcast as I get ready, and watch a episode of my favorite show on Netflix while enjoy a cup of coffee before my day gets crazy.

After I do those things, the week seems a lot more manageable. I get in the Word, I look at my schedule for the day, and I get to work.

How about you? How do you view Mondays?

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