Good Morning

I have found that the first thing you feed yourself in the morning will impact the rest of your day. ย I’m not just talking about what you eat in the morning but also about what you put into your heart and mind.

When I realized this, I became very intentional about my ‘morning routine’, here’s how it looks for me:

  • As soon as my alarm goes off, I turn on a podcast or audiobook and listen to it as I get ready

– Podcasts I listen to: Catalyst or Accidental Creative

– Audiobooks I listen to: A Million Miles in A Thousand Years by Donald Miller or Quitter by Jon Acuff

(I listen to these because they have each had a significant impact on my personal creative and leadership development)

  • After I’m ready for the day, I head to my office and turn on some music while I check email, Twitter, and Facebook

– My morning albums recently: Jesus at the Center/Israel and New Breed, SWMG: The Swing Up/Mali Music, For His Glory/ In His Presence Gospel Choir (Spotify is a ย  ย great resource to access these albums)

  • The last thing I do before I leave my apartment is open my Bible and read a few chapters of whatever book I’m reading. My Bible study takes place in the afternoon typically but in the morning I’ll pick a passage or verse to meditate on throughout the day.


What about you? What’s your morning ritual?

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