Good Morning

I have found that the first thing you feed yourself in the morning will impact the rest of your day.  I’m not just talking about what you eat in the morning but also about what you put into your heart and mind.

When I realized this, I became very intentional about my ‘morning routine’, here’s how it looks for me:

  • As soon as my alarm goes off, I turn on a podcast or audiobook and listen to it as I get ready

– Podcasts I listen to: Catalyst or Accidental Creative

– Audiobooks I listen to: A Million Miles in A Thousand Years by Donald Miller or Quitter by Jon Acuff

(I listen to these because they have each had a significant impact on my personal creative and leadership development)

  • After I’m ready for the day, I head to my office and turn on some music while I check email, Twitter, and Facebook

– My morning albums recently: Jesus at the Center/Israel and New Breed, SWMG: The Swing Up/Mali Music, For His Glory/ In His Presence Gospel Choir (Spotify is a    great resource to access these albums)

  • The last thing I do before I leave my apartment is open my Bible and read a few chapters of whatever book I’m reading. My Bible study takes place in the afternoon typically but in the morning I’ll pick a passage or verse to meditate on throughout the day.


What about you? What’s your morning ritual?

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