Getting Excited About Jesus

I get excited when I think about Jesus. I can’t help it and I don’t apologize for it. But I do get self conscious about it sometimes.

Allow me to Jesus Juke the Olympics for a minute. Since the Olympics came on, I’ve been glued to my TV, iPad, or iPhone. There’s something about the games that just excites me (I’m sure most of you can relate). I’ve teared up, yelled, and literally jumped with excitement while watching the various competitions.

But when I do all of that in response to Jesus, here are some of the responses I’ve gotten:

‘It doesn’t take all of that’

‘You’re just doing that for attention’

‘You’re a distraction’

‘Are you one of those charismatic (translated Pentecostal) Christians?’

I’m just confused. Why is it ok for me to get loud and excited about a sports event (or anything else for that matter) but that’s seen as being a ‘distraction’ in a worship service?

Here’s how I view it, I believe the Bible is true. And it clearly states that God, who created the universe, sent His only Son to die on a cross for me. His Son did not stay dead but rose again. And because of that I have eternal life and the power of the Holy Spirit inside of me!

That’s reason enough for me to give Him a crazy praise right there! Why? Because I deserve hell but God! Ha! I can run on that right now!

So to all of my haters, I’ll start caring about what you think of my praise when you can offer the same sort of security.

Stop by next week for posts on the role of women in ministry, conflict and the Church, and more.

Any topics you’d like to read about?

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