Feature Friday: Rachel Sanders

Rachel is a young woman I met at church at the beginning of the summer. We initially ‘met’ via Facebook when she posted a bold challenge to her peers on her youth group page. It blessed me so much that I knew I had to connect with her! She is a young woman running hard after Jesus and she is an encouragement to my heart. Be blessed by her post!


Our generation is suppose to be the one to bring a revial but right now i dont see how. I say this because some of us are playing church. When I say that I mean come to church on Wednesdays and Sundays, hear a great message and do nothing with it. At the same time though I can really see others who are set on fire for God. And that is extremely awesome! I think the strong ones should put themselves aside and go get the weaker ones. That way we can bring them up and then they can go get more people. When we do that we will have so many people on fire for God that its not funny.

When I say all of this to you guys I am saying as much to myself. So in conclusion QUIT being lazy!!!!! If you are strong go find someone that needs help. Or if you are weak and need help say so there are plenty of people out there that can help you. So lets be lion chasers, demon slayers, and most importantly people who are set on fire for god.

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