The Beginning of a Movement

If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve decided to join a movement. A movement birthed out of a dream the Lord placed on my heart (you can read more about that in the About the Author and About the Blog sections).

Every Monday morning, I’ll post a short devotional to get us focused for the week and throughout the week I’ll have posts to keep us motivated and encouraged.

This morning, I wanted to take some time to explain what it means to be A Generation Called. I want to begin with a look at the historical background of the Israelites:

Genesis – Israel is the elected nation

Exodus – Israel is redeemed, delivered out of bondage in Egypt

Leviticus – Israel is taught how to worship in view of God’s holiness

Numbers – Israel is tested and numbered

Deuteronomy – Israel is given instruction and told that they would possess the land

Joshua – Israel crosses over Jordan and possess the land

I want to stop with Joshua. Joshua is often times called the ‘new Moses’ and he was charged with leading the people to possess the land. I wonder if there are any Joshuas reading this right now!

The land the Israelites possessed was Canaan. Why Canaan?

– It was a place of rest, no more bondage

– It was a place of bounty, flowing with milk and honey

– It was a place of triumph, because the enemies in Canaan were stronger than Israel, it forced them to rely solely on the power of God

My friends, it’s time to possess the land!

But there are a few things required before we do that. Check out this quote I found in a commentary:

“It is important to realize that Israel’s ownership of the land was unconditional under the Abrahamic covenant, but possession of the land was conditional upon faith and obedience.’

In Joshua 5, the men had to be circumcised a second time before entering the promised land.

If we are to be A Generation Called, there are some things that have to be cut off of our lives!

If we are to be A Generation Called, we must empty ourselves and die daily!

Let us be A Generation Called!

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