Sex, Love, and Relationships: Exposure Therapy

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Why did I just write the word ‘sex’ 14 times?  Exposure therapy

Why is sex such a taboo topic in the Christian world? It’s really frustrating.

Here’s a fact: YOU WERE CREATED AS A SEXUAL BEING!  And if you have strong urges at times to act on that…that’s OK! Did you read that right? If you have strong sexual desires or urges at times, that’s OK!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to ACT on these urges, I’m just saying if you have them it just means you have a pulse.

I think the Church would be healthier if we provided a safe environment to talk about topics such as masturbation, homosexuality, sexual guilt, orgasms, etc. I’m not talking abstinence talks and ‘anti-gay’ sermons, I’m talking about a place to just be real with how we’re feeling.

Some people are going to hate that last sentence…’real with how we’re feeling.’  Again, I’m not saying we need to ACT on these feelings I’m just saying we need to ADDRESS them. I think we, as the Church, can get so focused on preaching at people that we forget about their humanness. We are humans with emotions. We experience real pain. Real hurt. Real urges.

But here’s what happens, we suppress those feelings because we don’t feel safe talking about it. That brings tears to my eyes just typing that. Why? Because suppressed feelings lead to confused sexuality and a malformed view of love.

Church, let’s talk about sex.

3 thoughts on “Sex, Love, and Relationships: Exposure Therapy

  1. The more we acknowledge our humanity in this walk, the more we will realize that grace is made available for overcoming daily life. He already got the memo that we are bit dust, that’s why He breathed Himself into us. Sex is only one area in which we need to open up the dialogue. Good door for thought, Bri.

  2. The more we acknowledge our humanity, the more we will seek out the daily provision of grace made available to us. He already wrote the memo that we are but dust, that’s why Ge breathed Himself into us. Prancing through reality on magical spiritual ponies is doing no one any good. Sex is only one area in which we need to open up real dialogue so people can build bridges and get up out of the pits and into their purpose. Good foot for thought, Bri.

  3. Bri, I completely agree! Not talking about sex in the church leaves people naive and vulnerable, so they go looking for answers from the world, (which will give it to them in a matter of 0.14 seconds – just ask Google) and in the end will result in misinformed decisions leading to a world of hurt and pain. All of which could have been avoided from the beginning had the church not only addressed the gift of sex but did so in a way that like you say gives people a “place to just be real with how we’re feeling.” We should not view sex as gross or as god but as a gift (Mark Driscoll – Real Marriage). Thanks for being bold! 🙂

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