This Week’s Series: Sex, Love, and Relationships

Disclaimer: I am NOT an expert in this area. I just want to use this week to share my thoughts.

The purpose of this blog is to share what it’s like, for me, as a twenty something working in full time ministry. I’m the Resident Director at my alma mater (a Christ – centered university), so I consider my work ministry and I love it.

In conversations with the women in my dorm over the last 8 months, I realized that Christians, especially young Christians, have a distorted few on sex, love, and relationships. We read books, hear sermons, go to abstinence seminars but something’s off. And that really bothers me. I’ve lost sleep over it. I’ve cried over it.

So I’m going to write my thoughts this week, I’ve got a lot on my mind in regards to this so bear with me.

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