Being An Effective Mentor: Vulnerability

My desire to be vulnerable in mentoring relationships is why I changed majors in college. I began my college career as a psychology major and graduated with a Bible degree.

I remember sitting in Advanced Urban Ministry and learning a lot about intentional living and community. And right afterward, I would go to Foundations of Counseling and learn about client/therapist relationships and how there were professional boundaries I had to set.

The latter made sense to me in a way but in pursuing a career in professional counseling, I felt like I was cheating on who I really was. That may sound dramatic to some of you but it’s really how I felt. I am all about ‘walking through life with people’ and as a psych major I was told that would have limitations for me.

So I entered the world of a Bible major and the more I read and studied Scripture, the more excited I got about God’s purpose for us in community. And the more I understood community, the more I realized our need for vulnerability.

My mentoring relationships are effective because I am vulnerable. I put it all out there. Those I mentor know my struggles, my downfalls, and what makes me angry. This vulnerability allows me to connect with them on a human level. Every human can relate to brokenness.

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