Being An Effective Mentor: Intentionality

A mentoring relationship doesn’t just happen, it takes work and a lot of it.

Can I be honest with you? When I first started mentoring, I was so wrapped up with the idea that someone would trust me in that way that I assumed it would happen naturally. And due to my ego, I wasted a lot of those relationships. I consider them wasted because I wasn’t intentional…I just waited for conversations to happen and if they didn’t I let it slide.

Being an effective mentor requires an intentional effort. You must always keep in mind those things that an individual asked you to keep them accountable for, you have to bring up the hard topics, and you have to ask the questions no one else will.

So how am I intentional in my mentoring relationships?

– Prayer: It’s impossible for me to intentional with the women I mentor, if I’m not praying for them. The love I have for them comes from God, that’s not cliche, that’s real talk.

– Write: I have to write down prayer requests, accountability statements, and anything else a woman I mentor tells me or I’ll forget. I keep a journal for that specific purpose.

– Prepare: I not only ask those I mentor to prepare for our weekly meetings but I prepare as well. I come with questions, thoughts, and ideas to share. I find that this conveys a genuine interest in the individual.

Be intentional in your mentoring relationship.

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